“Sheryl lifted my soul and gave me the gift of knowing my goodness, purpose, and the love that I am.”
(Anne - New Jersey)
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"Dear Sheryl, I have an entire drawer of tapes that I have collected over the past 20 years from various readers. I want you to know, my sweet friend, that yours is the only one I ever play. It soothes my soul and lifts my heart. Thank you for being you."  

(Judy H. New Jersey)

"You gave me a reading 2 years ago. I want you to know that I play that recording every morning without fail. I hear your voice every day."  

(C.C. Los Angeles)

"In 2002, I was in Sheryl’s home with my husband, a Chiropractor and Cranial Sacral Therapist, while Sheryl was sharing information with the two of us. During her channeling, I witnessed the entire kitchen, the walls and cabinets, as well as everything around her meld into white light.  Her eyes were the only form of matter that I was able to still see.  The experience was one of the most profound I’ve ever had."  

(Molly C.-New Jersey)

"Sitting here 5 years after I spoke with you I am realizing how many of those things you said would happen...did. Even the time frames of when I would find love and how were all spot on. It's shockingly accurate as I recall the reading and it's amazing. Thank you for sharing your gift."


"Through Pure Divine Energy, this Little One awakens and aligns the hearts and 'soul of Hue-manity'... All participants within the group structure are realigned through the energy of Love and Light. When you are receiving the channeling through Sheryl, the energetics within the room, as well as all attending, are bathed in healing light... like a kaleidoscope of light and sound, color and form...gathering in the ethers to create, the angelic realm restructures the DNA make up to upgrade you. As You remember, what it is to be LOVE, you are being opened and transformed by the holy words that pour. You remember who you truly are and the heart of God from whom you were created. The channeled messages from Sheryl are here to awaken and return Hue-manity back to the Source of Love and peace, Cooperation and harmony here on Earth and throughout the the Universe...

This is truly a beautiful and life changing experience that blend multidimensional realms of the unseen and bring them forward to this time space reality in a powerful and profound way..."

(Rev. And Mystic Dale Orlando. May peace prevail on Earth, above, below and within...)

"Dear (Little One) Sheryl,

It is with great pleasure that I'm writing to discuss the possibility of your return to Alaska, this fall. You may remember me and my friends and fellow congregants from Unity of Anchorage. The three of us had such wonderful experiences with you. When I played your CD "Humanity's Doorway" for our minister, she and our Board of Trustees became supportive of sponsoring your return. (I must say that both my friend and I got tears in our eyes in front of our pastor, the moment we heard your voice , again, my friend.) "

Thank you and bless you,
(Sheila - Alaska)

"You're an angel to the world, Sheryl. You mirror the love of God to everyone who meets you and you are loved by all who know you. My guides wanted for me to share this with you!"
(Renee, Pitts. PA)

"I just wanted to thank you for your inspriation and help. I have seen you twice. Both times I have felt better after coming out of the readings. The first time I was in the reading my knee had been bothering me really bad for the last couple of weeks before my appointment. Once I sat down in front of you my knee pain had gone away. I felt great for the next couple of weeks and was amazed how I felt. I listen to both CD's a couple times a day to help keep me grounded and to help me understand what I need to do to change my life. The biggest message I received from my guides is "do I love myself". This is a hard one because on some levels I do love myself, but I have always tried to please others as well. I am working on overcoming my fears and becoming a healthier person. Thank you for all the help and guidance."

"Susan, just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed meeting Sheryl Blumenthal! She was just lovely, and my reading was incredible. She really gave me some tools for the future -- hope, love, happiness and determination! Can't wait to experience even half of what my guides were pointing to!"

"The voice spoke to me instantly, as soon as Grandmother showed me the necklace - this is for Sheryl - the little flower's wings! Just like Saint Therese of Lisieux, a LittleOne in humble service, not flashy nor big in her accomplishments, but mighty in her legacy and impact. She is the saint for ordinary people, the most accessible to the everyday person - not showy nor unreachable, just pure and gentle in her willingness to love and serve."

"I loved the show, "Wings of Love". You are such a beautiful soul. It always makes me cry when I hear the Amazing Love and Truth that pours out from your heart. I think it is just so beautiful. I think you are a beautiful soul and I AM so very grateful that you have been put into my life. I send you my Love.
God Bless you always,
Mary" (Florida)

“Sheryl’s sessions are amazing! Her messages and insights are from a truly Divine source. With her unique gifts, she gives a unified view of your current life’s situation and concerns and brings clarity, hope and ultimately peace into your soul. After my sessions with Sheryl, my body always feels lighter, my mind clearer and my soul happier! Sheryl’s inner beauty and light will transform you forever!!!”
(Betsy - New York)

"I always tell people that you have saved my sanity and years of counseling with a shrink.”
(Corin - New Jersey)

"When you talk with me I want to look in your eyes.

When I look at other people, I look down, but with you I feel like I just have to look in your eyes."
(Tanner - Age 11, Illinois)

"As always your tapes heal me more every time I listen to them. I hear something in a new way from a different level of knowing and I get back on track, again. Your work, which has been a blessed gift to me, always fills me with joy.

May all the love you extend to others be returned to you, Sheryl, in love, peace and grace, magnified by the I AM perfection, so that your true Self radiates the fullness of the beautiful joy you are.”
(Nancy - Missouri)

“Sheryl, thank you for joining me as my guest on blogtalkradio's Energy Awareness, last evening. The listener response has been extremely positive. Actually, it beat every other show I've ever done. You brought me into the top 1% and I am forever grateful for that.”

“"You are the Florence Nightingale of Humanity carrying the Flame of Hope, Joy and Love for all the wounded hearts and souls of men and women.... shining your light on the path back to God (Heaven). I love you...."
(Rashid Lanie-Beverly Hills, CA)

"Sheryl's gift reveals to us Who We Truly Are.”
(Beth - Quebec)

"Beneath a humble, sweet exterior, is the power of the Universe speaking through Sheryl. What a gift Sheryl is to the world.”
(Edie Weinstein Moser, Dublin PA)

"I am always so in awe of "little one." Sunday was my second visit with her this year and I had some questions about two relationships which she called, right on the money, and gave me great insight. She is a fabulous vessel. She and I have similar energies and we connect easily. I look forward to her next visit. Thanks for bringing her to Doylestown. ”
(Val K., Furlong PA)

"Wow, another incredible Sunday morning! Your light shines so brightly that it enfolds all of us. We are immensely grateful to you for bringing illumination and heart-centered angelic love into our midst. And, again, your messages were spot-on. It seems that they not only apply to the person you speak to, but also to everyone listening in the room. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your gift is a blessing. We will always be indebted to Susan Duval for bringing you to us.”
(Reverend Hannelore Goodwin, Minister of the Circle of Miracles Interfaith Community, New Britain, PA)


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"I can't express how truly happy I am for the channelings I have received from Sheryl. Never have I found another person who does as beautiful work as she does. Not only am I always happy with the channeling but the energy work she does with each session is my favorite part. I always feel more refreshed and detached from my distress for days to follow. When I listen back to the readings it helps renew that peaceful energy she leaves me with. She is truly a wonder and most beautiful at what she does. Forever thankful for every session I have had with her!"

Steven Jonathan. Pittsburgh, Pa

"Dear Susan,

I wanted to share what an amazing reading I had this morning with Sheryl.

First, I wanted to share what an amazing person and soul she is: so warm, personal and loving. Sheryl explained so many things that I would never had known from my past lives and my husband and boys. I carefully listened to all of her wisdom and have already put it into practice. She is an angelic channeler who touches your heart and soul like no other I have experienced. I am truly blessed to have had the opportunity to connect with her, this morning.

With Deepest Gratitude,

"My reading with Sheryl was one of the best I've had (although I always enjoy the talented people that you bring, Susan). She is such an amazing energy and the insight into myself, the people I love and my struggles with work-life balance really left me feeling energized and enlightened. She was positive and so sweet... I look forward to future readings!!"


"Sheryl, I have had many readings in my past. You are, by far, one of the most amazing sessions Iíve ever had. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are a blessing to all in our world, my dear."

Susan B. - NJ

"I found you on the World Health Network. Then, when I read your website, I was drawn to you by your words. That is why I called you."

N.D. - PA

"Since January of 2013 I have made several calls to Sheryl...and like many, I was in a place where I wanted to hear "Promise" and needed to feel "Validation". I listened to the CD's many times...at times not fully understanding the meaning of the words spoken...

In the last year and a half my life has changed dramatically physically, mentally and emotionally. There is too much to tell here in this testimonial. Suffice it to say, I now fully understand the messages I was given through Sheryl .

A direct example would be the story of "Blossom," a rescue horse I adopted last September. Sheryl told me that Blossom had been abused in many lifetimes. She told me she was afraid of Thunderstorms and "SWORDS." She was afraid to be left alone because she had been stabbed with a sword by a Japanese soldier and left alone to die...I filed that away in my head and never thought about it, again...till last week..a year later.. An animal chiropractor came to the farm to adjust my horses. While he was working on Blossom he began to tell me about his new sword collection. The more he talked , the more uneasy Blossom became until SO agitated she wanted to escape... ( I STILL didn't remember the conversation with Sheryl...) My Chiropractor said, "I am going to let her out in the pasture to settle down a little." He did just that... He turned to me as he let her loose and said,"You are going to think I'm crazy, but I just got this BIG vision of Blossom in Japan with a soldier...." I remembered... I went and got the CD and we listened to the words my guides spoke through Sheryl... Exact... I called Sheryl and I write this testimonial because I want to give HER validation! The events of this past year have brought clarity to the words she has passed on to me in our sessions.

Her message is given in truth and love, with the hope that one day we will ALL see who we are, why we came, and how we can serve. Thank you, Sheryl for doing the work and sharing your gift! Shine On!"

Missy Becker-Noll (Pittsburgh, PA)

I wanted to tell you that since your visit to us, Sheryl, these plants on the porch where you were doing your sessions have grown uncontrollably!! All new sprouts and life are popping up everywhere! Pretty amazing!
(Jerri, NJ)

"I saw you on the cruise, last January. I watched the audience, as you channeled, Sheryl. Over half of the people were in tears. I observed the entire time. People were touched in such a way that I become emotional, just speaking about it. I thank you for being who you are and so open in sharing what you do. God bless you, my dear."

"In the Spring of 2012, I fainted and fell face down on an asphalt driveway. In the process, I was left with multiple side effects; not only from the fall, but from the fainting episode, as well. After five weeks and many hours of hands on therapy from my alternative care practitioner, many yet not all of my issues had been eliminated. A heavy, clogged feeling still persisted behind my eyes and upper facial region that was certainly affecting my quality of life. It was at this point that I came for a 45 minute session with Sheryl, who sat across from me, yet never put a hand on me. By the end, all the facial issues had disappeared and I left feeling like a new person."
(Jane F.-CT)

"Dear Sheryl, I was not able to stick around for too long on Saturday evening after your beautiful channel/concert event, and I'm sorry I had to leave before thanking you and saying goodbye. The message you channeled for me was so profound, in that just a couple of weeks ago I received a message from my "friend in spirit" (my guide) who clarified a lucid dream I had years ago. The dream took place in a bombed out looking city, where I climbed many stories up to the top of a decimated building, and, surrounded by darkness, I just started singing into the sky. As it became a little lighter, I could see other destroyed buildings, and slowly I could hear other people joining in song. I've always wondered about the dream, and I just had clarification, as I said. When the guide you channel started singing to me and then said to me "You will sing," I almost cried. You have such a pure soul that is such a joy to know, and you are profoundly gifted. I just wanted to add my voice to the many whom you've touched and say what a blessing you are to all.

Much Love, Sandy"

"Dear Friends (A Note from Robin Clare- Founder of Enlightened Professionals of Connecticut):

"What can I say other than that Sheryl is extraordinary. She is deeply loved and honored. Her sessions fill up very quickly. Come join in a group channel as a gift to yourself or your loved ones. As a member of the talented Enlightened Professionals Network, Sheryl Blumenthal is dedicated to assisting our humanity come home".

Fondly, Robin Clare" ( West Hartford , CT )

"Hi. I'd like to introduce Sheryl Blumenthal, my cherub. She has given me hope and an insight to the bigger picture. I love her dearly. She is authentic, genuine and giving. Sitting with Sheryl feels like sitting at God's feet. The connection is profound. You can't help but open your heart to her. She's amazing and her work is helping all of us peel away the layers of our ego that no longer serve us. I am thrilled that Sheryl is part of my life. Her spirit is a blessing to all of us. She will always be in my heart."

Meira Findel-Sante Fe, NM

SHERYL BLUMENTHAL -Author of "Heaven's Doorway":

"Her child-like nature resonates so purely that divinity is awakened with both her unique tone and word. She is an exquisite vessel from which truth and light come forth. This child channels "on high" through the Universal I AM...Angels walk with her, reminding us that our love can heal all things... As a global teacher, the Light eminating through her vessel assists the processes of the awakening of the man, woman and child who come to sit within the presence of the love that radiates through- The Little One."

Ruth Joy Paone (Alaska)

"When I heard the voice of Sheryl, on my friend's recording, I began to weep. The voice was ageless and timeless. I just knew that I've known it forever. I could feel it in my soul. That prompted me to have a reading with her, and I want to show my gratitude with a heartfelt, "Thank You!"

JFK (Pittsburgh, PA)

"My experience with Sheryl's sessions are a unique sharing of the truth, to help one to obtain their highest and best. The information is not always what you want to hear, but very necessary in helping one to make the best choice. I find Sheryl's sessions are anchored in the most loving vibration that offers wise guidance. I am so grateful I have found Sheryl, as the guidance that is offered has helped me make some of the most difficult choices of my life. I am given a better perspective on my life and find the security within that makes me know I am protected and guided in love. I love you, Sheryl! Thank you for all that you give."

Mahalo and Aloha,
Denise (Hawaii)

"Dear Sheryl, This message came to me from my higher self.... "Watch and observe like a spectator without the act of judgement, because a true spiritual empath lives in the light of love- for all that is in others is within myself, a mirror. This is the path of a warrior." These words have hit home for me on so many levels. Part of me did not want to believe the things that you were telling me with regards to my life's purpose. They felt overwhelming, yet at the same time fascinating. I wanted to deny that part of myself and in return not truly accept the messages that you were giving and that I was getting for myself. Now, I am beginning to better understand and am slowly coming to terms with my gifts. I am truly learning to love myself without judgement or fear. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!" (Figan)

"I have had many readings from Sheryl and each time I come away with a feeling of peace and love and acceptance. It's not just the words that come through Sheryl but the experience of being one with her that is so profound. I can feel changes occurring throughout my being as she is speaking. Her gentle way is so soothing and I never feel judged by her. Many times I understand her reading in a certain way and then days or weeks later, I understand the true meaning of what she channeled. I honestly believe that Sheryl's gift has guided me to places that I may not have been able to get on my own. I am forever grateful for her love and insight." (Kathy - New Jersey)

"Sheryl is my mentor, for there is no one else I know personally who is as close to being a true light of Christ than she. I'll never forget my soul's reaction to her first channeled words to me ten years ago. Those words were not comparable to any that have ever been said to me before. I knew that Heaven was speaking to my heart.

I feel so blessed to have 'my spiritual journey to awakening' lovingly guided by the channeled messages I receive through Sheryl. They are very personal and filled with so much love and direction it lifts me up making the process of awakening so much clearer. Sheryl's wisdom of life's true purpose is a very big part of her beautiful spirit. She constantly radiates hope and joy to the world - and to me." (Karen - California)

"Sheryl Blumenthal is a gifted channel who is here for the love and growth of humanity. She brings love, peace, health, understanding, clarity and direct guidance from the higher dimensions to assist beings along their paths. Her messages reveal a deeper understanding and comprehension of particular personal issues that a soul is currently experiencing. As divine light flows through her, Sheryl is able to connect to pure positive source energy known as Divine LOVE. The information received through her is profound, accurate and beneficial in assisting the client with his/her evolving soul’s growth. This enables the individual to adapt new insights to their present circumstances resulting in a life filled with more joy, peace and love.” (Rev. Orlando, Mystic)

"Sheryl, Yes I know there are no accidents. Its clear in what I have been through where miracles saved me. And you, I hardly remember how we came to be friends. But I love you like you have been mine since kindergarten. Something just clicked. I am sure you are just as giving to everyone you meet. But it is rare and I am grateful for you. You are my go to person when I feel like I will break. You always lift me up. Thank God for you.” (M. Rose, NJ)